Friday Faves #26

So this 'blogging break' of mine just isn't happening... I just can't resist writing more posts!! I'm having the loveliest time in Tenerife, spending most days just reading, relaxing and having a swim in the pool. It's so great to just be doing nothing for a change and to have quality time with the people … Continue reading Friday Faves #26


As you may probably know, charity and giving are so important to me. In fact, they are central in my life as a Catholic. At times during the year (such as Lent), it is easier to remember that I should be going out of my way to help others and give generously of myself. However, in … Continue reading Giving

Friday Faves #25

I'm pretty sure that every week I tell you how busy I've been, but to say that this week has been busy is such an understatement!! After working Friday to Tuesday, I spent all of Wednesday running round everywhere to get all my last minute bits and bobs sorted before we came on holiday on … Continue reading Friday Faves #25