Catholicism & The Met Gala

On Monday night, the fashion industry and the Catholic Church collided. While many of us were savouring the last few hours of bank holiday sunshine, some of the biggest names in the film and music industry were having a slightly different night. As you may or may not know, Monday night was the Met Gala … Continue reading Catholicism & The Met Gala


“I wish…”

We all do it. We see a photo of our sibling, our friend, someone we don't even know on the internet. "She's so pretty, I wish I looked like her." "I wish I was as happy as they are." "I wish my life was as put-together as theirs." The list could go on, and on. … Continue reading “I wish…”

This Moment

Let's not pretend we're surprised by yet another long absence over here... Life has been beyond hectic recently. My life the last month has been a continuous cycle of assignment after assignment, and I have never been more stressed in my life as I have been these last few weeks. But I did it. 11,500 words, five … Continue reading This Moment

My Testimony

No official blog post on here this week - I wrote my testimony of being a Catholic at university over on the Catholic Student Network blog and it would mean a lot if you gave it a read. You can find the post here. Until next time,