Friday Faves #28

First of all – Happy August!!
I hope you've been enjoying my Lourdes Diaries this week! After two weeks of silence on here while I was away, I'm enjoying being back in action and sharing with you all everything we got up to while we were in Lourdes.

Not only am I back in the swing of blogging, I'm also back in the motion of my day to day 'normal' life. We got home from Lourdes on Saturday morning, and since then I've been a fairly busy bee!

I've been back at work this week, and have also enjoyed a family day out to IKEA. With just under a month until I move back to Liverpool, I still have a few more adventures planned before I go back, as well as a lot of friends I want to catch up with!

But without any further ado, here are a few of my faves from this week:

Family Day at IKEA
After months of planning (so that we'd all have free diaries), Thursday was finally time for our family day out to IKEA. We set off early so that we'd arrive in time for the breakfast, before getting started with our shopping. We'd gone there for the purpose of getting things for Rachel for uni, but we enjoyed a nice morning and early afternoon wandering around the store and doing a bit of window shopping! I love IKEA – especially imagining how I would want my home decorating in the future when I hopefully reach that stage of life! After we'd picked everything up we wanted, it was time to head back to the store canteen for the famous meatball lunch!

Making more plans!
Now I'm home, it is great to be able to start sorting out more specific plans. I've been pretty busy with plans this week – sorting out more specific arrangements for when we go to Youth 2000; deciding how I want my uni room to be next year; sorting out more catch ups with friends from home… I just love seeing my diary full up with lots of exciting plans and events. The next couple of months before uni officially starts again are going to be busy, but very fun-filled, and I can't wait!!!

Being at home
This may sound a bit weird, but I am just generally so happy to be home for a bit! Unpacking my suitcase properly for the first time in months has made me feel really settled and homely. Even though we are going away again at the end of next week, having an empty suitcase, and all my clothes in draws rather than a case has just made such a difference to me! I actually feel like I'm staying here for a while!
It's also really nice to just be back in the routine of being at home – with only a handful of days between coming back from Tenerife and going to Lourdes, I feel like I've not been in the routine of being at home for a really long time. Spending a bit of quality time with my family when I've not been at work is really lovely, and I know that I need to treasure these times before I go back to uni and we're not together 24/7 for a while again. Our family has also had quite a few pieces of good news these last couple of weeks – after a while of hard times, it's about time some good things started happening!! Bring the good times on!

So, there we have it! Those have been my highlights of this last week. As you can probably tell, I'm loving being at home again and am very excited for everything I have planned between now and uni starting again.

Speaking of uni – I'm thinking of writing a few posts with tips for freshers… if anyone has any questions they'd like answering, or has any suggestions of what they'd like to hear about, please leave a comment below or send me an email at

I have a few ideas of posts already, but I'd love to be able to include some of your ideas too!

Until next time,


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