Friday Faves #27

And so, here I find myself again – back in England… But not for long!!

We got back home from Tenerife at about 1:45 this morning, and the typical British weather hit us as soon as we left the terminal building! I’ve had many bittersweet feelings about coming home, because although I have had the most amazing holiday, I’m really glad to be back at home and be able to spend time with some of my friends.

On Wednesday, my sisters and I begin our pilgrimage to Lourdes with the Lancaster Diocese, and so the blogging will take a little backseat while I’m on pilgrimage, however, do not fear!! I have tonnes of ideas floating around at the moment, and a fair few posts in the works too, so there will be plenty for you to feast your eyes on in the coming weeks!!

However, this is Friday Faves, and so I thought it would be apt this Friday to share a few of my favourite photos from our holiday.


That sea 😍😍


Even more beautiful views as we waited for the bus back to the hotel


And the amazing views keep coming! This is from the top floor of the hotel – looking down on the main pool area


Hasta la vista to the amazing hotel


I can’t believe my sister took this photo at 10pm! It was amazing how light it was above the clouds, even so late at night.

And then, today! After missing Catherine’s birthday while I was away, we went out for lunch today to celebrate. To add to the excitement, I surprised her by having our friend Emily (who lives in Liverpool) be there as well. Seeing how happy Catherine was to see us both made me so happy. Nothing beats seeing your best friend so happy!


We had a lovely lunch at a little cafe in the city centre before hitting the shops for some last minute Lourdes fancy-dress costume shopping!

So overall, it’s been a pretty fab week! I had a fab holiday (and even got a bit tanned!!!!) and now I’m going to enjoy my few days at home before we go on pilgrimage to Lourdes.

I am definitely having plenty of adventures this summer – long may they continue!!

Until next time,



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