Friday Faves #26

So this ‘blogging break’ of mine just isn’t happening… I just can’t resist writing more posts!!

I’m having the loveliest time in Tenerife, spending most days just reading, relaxing and having a swim in the pool. It’s so great to just be doing nothing for a change and to have quality time with the people I love most in the world.

As we’ve been taking it easy, I don’t have much to talk about – unfortunately!

Today we decided to take a trip to the beach which was about a ten minute bus journey from our hotel. Despite the ‘lava sand’ because of the sea, we had a fab time. I haven’t actually been on a beach in years and so it felt like a bit of a novelty – feeling the sand between my toes and the waves lapping (see: violently crashing) against our legs.


We also made kind of a big deal about the trip, as my sisters and I are all Ed Sheeran superfans… if you, like us, are Ed Sheeran superfans, you will know that on his second album (X), one of the songs was called Tenerife Sea. This happens to be one of our favourite songs of his. So, when in Tenerife, we had to take photos in the Tenerife Sea!!!


And that, ladies and gentlemen is my Friday Fave! Spending time with my family, in a beautiful place, making great memories. We’re halfway through our holiday now and I look forward to seeing what other adventures we get up to in our last few days here.

Until next time,





2 thoughts on “Friday Faves #26

  1. annasadventures25 says:

    Oh no! That’s so frustrating! Sometimes it’s the smallest parts of your week that really make it I find, it’s one of the reasons I keep doing this feature post!
    Hope you manage to recover your videos – I always look forward to watching them!
    Anna xx


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