Friday Faves #25

I’m pretty sure that every week I tell you how busy I’ve been, but to say that this week has been busy is such an understatement!!
After working Friday to Tuesday, I spent all of Wednesday running round everywhere to get all my last minute bits and bobs sorted before we came on holiday on Thursday.

I also found out my end of year results on Thursday – and am very happy to say that I finished this year with a 2:1 overall! After spending the last seven months working so hard, I’m completely made up that all my hard work has paid off and has been rewarded!
As none of those things (apart from coming on holiday!) are particularly exciting, there isn’t really much for me to tell you about this week! However, I did think I’d share a few snapshots of my week.


Prayers for all those affected by the Manchester bombing during a last minute holiday shopping trip.


Five people, very excited for an amazing holiday in the sunshine


We were incredibly excited to be leaving the miserable weather…


Arriving in Tenerife!


Beautiful view from my parents’ room


So there is a little snapshot of what I’ve been up to this week – starting in dreary England and ending in sunny Tenerife!! As I mentioned in an Instagram post earlier this week, my blog is going to be put on the sideline a little bit for the next couple of weeks or so while I enjoy my holiday. I will still be posting, just not as regularly. If you don’t already, please go and give my Facebook page a cheeky like and Instagram (@annasadventures25) a follow as I will definitely be keeping those up-to-date while I’m away!!

Until next time,




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