Friday Faves #23

What a crazy week! I feel like I’ve done so much in a really short space of time and its been non-stop busy. So here is a little summary of my week – in photo form!


My Mum, aunt, and I took my Nanna (their Mum) out shopping to Boundary Mill. We had a great day together and had a really good laugh – especially when poor Nanna was getting in the car and ended up lying across the back seats! On our way back, we dropped Lou back off at her house, admired her beautiful new kitchen and got to spend a bit of time with my cousins. It was such a lovely day.



On my way back from the hairdressers, I saw that the church on our road has ribbons tied to its railings where people have prayed for peace in our community. Although there have been many terrible incidents occurring in the country recently, it is so nice to see people come together to pray for an end to these problems.



Thursday involved a lot of running around! I had to go back to Liverpool for an appointment in the afternoon, and spent the whole time trying not to miss the buses and trains I needed so I could get back home in time!


As my sister and I are hosting a bake sale at our Church this weekend, we spent a lot of the week baking baking and doing more baking! It was very enjoyable though, and hopefully I’ll be able to share a few photos of that next week!



Today was another busy day as I spent the morning doing jobs with my parents and then started writing this in the afternoon. After working 5-10, tonight, I came home and have helped my Mum to box up some of the cakes she’s made today (our house is honestly like a bakery at the moment!!) and then watched Graham Norton.

Its been a busy week, so after work tomorrow morning I’m looking forward to having some chill time this weekend and next week – and hopefully catching up with some friends and doing a bit of last-minute holiday shopping! I’m looking forward to it.

Until next time,



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