Friday Faves #22

Writing this, I feel slightly like the world is a bit of a different place to when I last blogged… I know that we still have a Conservative government, but they don’t have the large majority they so desired, nor the slim majority they already had! There are plenty of uncertain times ahead, as I believe another General Election will be held in the next year or so. However, I am just trusting that God has a great plan for this country, and we just have to trust Him with everything that is going on.

Although I could talk about the election all day, other things did happen in my life this week… not much, but some things!

Moving Out

Last Saturday I moved out of halls. As I’ve mentioned before, I had a very positive experience of living in halls and so I was very sorry to be leaving. Many great memories and friendships were created over the last seven months, and so I was sad to be leaving everyone as we mostly go our separate ways next year. Packing up all my possessions and putting them in the car was quite difficult – I think because that’s when I finally realised that I wouldn’t be coming back after the weekend as I usually do!

I don’t want to go into a lot of detail about this though, as I have a post planned dedicated to this. So keep your eyes peeled for that!


Visiting Nanna

As she’s been ill and I hadn’t seen her in a while, my Mum and I went to visit her Mum (my Nanna) on Monday afternoon. It was so lovely to see her, especially because she was feeling much better and so was very cheerful. We took her out for a bit of afternoon tea and she enjoyed looking at my photos of Pope Francis from my trip to Rome. Overall, a great afternoon all round!


The General Election

To be honest, I didn’t really do much on Thursday apart from a few jobs round the house and then voting! However, I did end up staying up until Friday morning to find out the election results, so I’m glad I hadn’t done too much during the day and wasn’t too tired!

As much as it exhausts me to stay up so late, I do love staying up to watch election results come in. The adrenaline really gets pumping at that time of night, especially when closely-fought seats are being announced, and also the way that throughout the night seats are just suddenly declared. Although the MP from home that I voted for was unsuccessful, the MP I would have voted for in Liverpool was re-elected and so I was fairly satisfied with that result! I really enjoyed seeing Jeremy Corbyn win his seat by such a landslide victory, as well as Labour gaining the Canterbury seat which has been in the Conservatives’ hands since World War One!

However, my favourite part of Thursday’s events is the fact that 72% of 18-24 year olds voted in this General Election. 72%! Laura Kuenssberg from the BBC claimed last night that “This [was] the election where young people started voting”, and for the first (and only) time during the election campaign, I actually agree with her. At the 2015 General Election, voter turnout with 18-24 year olds was only 43%… so its almost doubled in the last two years! I believe that this is for two reasons – one being that young people were so dissatisfied with the Brexit referendum results last year, and the second reason is that Jeremy Corbyn was able to inspire young voters so much that we actually wanted to go out and vote for him to be our next prime minister. So I’m proud. I’m so proud that my generation got out and made our voices heard. And there’s always next time for Labour to get the majority!!


And so, there we have it! Just a few of the things that I’ve been up to this week. Its been pretty quiet, but as I start work again tomorrow, I’m glad that its been chilled. I’ve got a few nice things planned for next week, so I’m looking forward to all that!

Have you got anything nice planned for the next week? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time,




One thought on “Friday Faves #22

  1. meg whitlam says:

    Great to see the picture of you with Mum
    So glad you had a positive visit!!
    We are hoping to see her later

    Enjoy yourself!



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