20 Before 20: Update

Since I first wrote my original ’20 Before 20′ post (quite a while ago now, as it was published a while after it had been written), there are so many things on the list that I’ve managed to tick off. It’s been great because all the things have kind of happened naturally. I’m looking forward to the next four months and seeing what I manage to accomplish in that time!

So here is a little update of what I have accomplished so far! (You can find the original post here in case you want reminding or have no idea what I’m on about!)

2) Go to Italy

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last month or so, you probably know that I went on pilgrimage to Rome with my CathSoc at the beginning of April. It was an amazing trip and in case you missed it, my not-so-little write-up of the pilgrimage can be found here. This has also given me another excuse to share my favourite photo I took during the week. I just cant get over how close I was to Pope Francis! IMG_2854

6) Go to a concert

As some of you may probably know from my ridiculously long Snapchat spam at the time, (I’m not even going to apologise, I enjoyed the concert too much to not share it!), Amy, Emily and I went to see The Vamps perform at the Echo Arena. This was the first concert I’ve been to, and I had a great time! They played a couple of songs from their upcoming album, but also all their big hits. My favourite songs they performed were ‘All Night’ and their remix of ‘Shape of You’. The atmosphere was really good, and the way they interacted with the crowd was great and made them seem very likeable and “normal”!


7) Plan a surprise for someone & 17) Treat my Mum

As I mentioned in this post, for Mother’s Day weekend I went home to surprise my Mum. I had so much fun ‘plotting’ with my Dad and trying so hard to keep the secret when I was dying to tell her! The difficulty of not telling her was more than worth it when she came to the door and saw me stood there. I had such a good weekend at home, and surprising Mum and my sisters was definitely the highlight. I have always loved people giving me surprises, but I absolutely loved being the one to do the surprising. It was so much fun!

On our way back to uni, we stopped at The Tavern, a restaurant on Smithdown Road where we enjoyed a lovely gluten-free all-day breakfast together. It was so tasty and I hope that we’re able to make this a dropping-off tradition in future! It was special for me to be able to treat my Mum to brunch, especially after she’d driven down the motorway for me!


So there we go! Four things ticked off, only sixteen more to go! I will definitely make sure to keep updating you as and when I complete each thing.

Leave a comment below to let me know which one you’d like me to talk about next and I’ll see what I can do!

Until next time,



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