Friday Faves #20

What a week!

This week obviously didn’t off to a great start on a national scale, however I’ve already talked about that here so, as I mentioned, we cannot let the terrorists win. Although I have still spent the week in shock as to what happened, I have not let it stop me from living my life as normal. But to all the families who have been affected, I know that your lives will never be ‘normal’ again. Please know you are in my prayers.

So in the spirit of defiance, I have made sure to have loads of fun and to live my life to the fullest this week. And my week could not have been more different than last week! I spent loads of time with friends; got out of my room and revised in the library; enjoyed the sunshine and ate loads of ice cream! I also sat my first exam so now there’s only one to go! I cant wait until Tuesday evening when this academic year is complete and I can spend those last few days here with my friends before we have four months away from each other.

The weather has been glorious, summer has truly arrived and I have made sure to spend plenty of time in the sunshine! I’ve also taken loads of photos so I thought I would share my week in photos.


After spending most of the day in the library, a couple of my friends invited me to the Christian Union social night at the park. It was really nice to spend time with my friends, and make new ones in the process! Hopefully I’ll be able to get involved with the CU more next year as well.




Again, another day spent pretty much just at the library. After attending the prayer service for the Manchester bombing victims, we went back to the library for more revision. But when the revision was over, my friend and I went for a little walk to the park where we had some lovely ice cream!






The day before my exam, so again, most of my day was spent revising in the library! (Are you noticing a recurring theme here?!?) It was Amy’s last night in halls though, so we went out for tea at Wetherspoons to say goodbye.




Finally – exam day had arrived! At this point, I was sick of the sight of the library and so I was actually relieved to be sitting the exam at last. When it was over, I came back to my room where I just relaxed for a bit before Emily and I headed to the park for an ice cream and to soak up the sunshine!


And there we go! I didn’t really do anything on Friday as I was taking a break after the stress of my Lit exam.

I’m looking forward to my last weekend (and week) in halls, even though I know that there’s going to be a lot of goodbyes in the next few days.

Until next time,




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