Northern Soul

Because of all my revision and exams over these next seven days, I had pre-written a few blog posts to go up while I revised.

However, after the events in Manchester last night, not only did the post I had written feel inappropriate, I felt that it would be an insult to the memory of the people who have died to not mark this incident in some way.

* Before I start, I just want to acknowledge that I am aware that people are killed in terrorist incidents across the world, every day. However, it is a very rare occurrence in our country, and Manchester is incredibly close to where I live and so the affects of this attack have had a huge impact on both myself and the people around me. Almost everyone I have spoken to today knows someone who was affected in some way. *

If anyone hasn’t heard by now, last night an explosion went off at the Manchester MEN arena following a concert by Ariana Grande. As you would imagine with that particular artist, many of her fans are children and young teenagers. As a result, many of the people who have died or been injured are children and teenagers.

However, I don’t want to discuss that. That terrorist doesn’t deserve a second thought when so many innocent lives have been harmed. What we must remember though, is that anger is no use in this situation. Anger will not achieve anything. So we must love. We must do everything possible to show love to both the victims and each other.

I wanted to talk about the extraordinary response by ‘ordinary’ people.

As many of you will probably know, I am an incredibly proud northerner. I love everything about the North, but I guarantee that northerners are the loveliest people you will meet. And if you didn’t know that already, the events of last night proved that more than ever.

An ordinary woman taking 60 lost children to shelter in a nearby hotel. Taxi drivers offering free lifts to people escaping the scene. The endless sharing of social media posts to help locate missing people. People rushing to donate blood to help save lives. Offers of beds for the night; free food and water; phone chargers; babysitters… the list could go on.

The generosity of normal people who have been touched by this incident is unlike anything I have seen before. So yes, we have been hit by one of (if not) the worst terror attacks in Northern England. But we are Northerners. We will pull more together than ever before. We will not be scared, we will love, and we will look after each other.

All my love and prayers to everyone affected by this terrible incident.

Stay safe guys.

Until next time,




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