Friday Faves #19

I started this feature back in January (five months ago… what!!!!) as a way for me to 1) blog regularly, and 2) focus on the positives in my week. I have to admit, its been very personally successful so far. There have been a few weeks where I’ve struggled to find time to blog, however, I have always managed to do it. And finding things to talk about has never really been hard!

This week has been a bit different though – its been a bit hard work at times.

Revision is time-consuming, boring, but worst of all – lonely. Most people have gone home, and the few of us who have stayed in halls are spending all our time in our rooms or at the library. Admittedly, I have been quite productive without the distractions of people being here to chat to all the time!! However, it has been quite difficult to go very long periods of time (nearly 48 hours at one point!) without having a proper conversation with anyone! Even though it has been a bit challenging at times, I’ve learnt a very important lesson about myself – I’m very good at self-motivating. Whether this be getting up early to go to the gym before revision, or leaving my room on a revision break to get some fresh air, I’ve  learnt that I can actually find the motivation in myself to get up and do things, even if deep down, I’d rather be asleep in bed!

Despite the challenges this week has thrown, there have been quite a few nice things happen this week that I wanted to share.

“When it rains, look for rainbows; when its dark, look for stars”


As I mentioned last week, I spent the weekend at home with my family. It was so nice to just relax and spend quality time with them before revision week began. During the week, I have been messaging my family very often – my two sisters are both doing their GCSEs and A Levels this summer so I like to hear how their exams have gone. The best part of going home was being back with my family, I do miss them so it was nice to just be able to hug them – you can’t do that over Skype!! I’m really looking forward to having four months of summer to spend with them, and all the nice things we’ll do together.

The highlight of my week was speaking to my parents earlier today when they told me that this summer we will be going back to Norfolk (where we went on holidays as children) for a week-long holiday. I’m so looking forward to getting back there and seeing all the places we used to enjoy going when we were little. I can’t wait!


I honestly can’t describe how important this has been this week. Shout out to my best friend, Catherine, for being there to encourage, motivate and (positively) distract me from all the revision stresses.

When I hadn’t left my room all day Tuesday, she messaged me and we went out for a long walk to our local park. I hadn’t realised how stressed I had got until I was able to just talk to Catherine and get some fresh air. After walking for just over an hour, we came back to uni and watched Life As We Know It and ate lots of chocolate! It was a great evening, and I am so glad that we took that time to relax and de-stress.

So thank you Catherine, for looking after me and keeping me sane/insane!!!! You’re the best!


This morning, me, Catherine and some of our friends from CU went out for breakfast to the Tavern. Although we did have to get up really early, it was so worth it! As you probably know by now, I love the Tavern and best of all, during May, breakfasts are half price! We all got big breakfasts for £3.49 each… What a bargain!!


I have also had several conversations this week with friends from places other than university! It’s been really nice to chat to them, arrange catch ups, and just see how they’re doing. Conversations like those have been a great distraction from the revision mountain this week!

I think after uploading that post on Tuesday, maybe I should start taking some of my own advice! I need to focus on the end goal – summer – and just smash these exams as they come. It’ll be fine!

My first exam is on Thursday, and my next (and last) one is five days later. The end is nearing, and I’m ready for summer!

We can do this!

Until next time,


** This post was in no way sponsored by The Tavern, I just really love their food! **





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