Friday Faves #17

I can’t believe another week is over… Only three weeks left of uni now! As much as I’m looking forward to having some time off over summer, I do enjoy uni and I know that I’m really going to miss my friends over our four months apart. So I wish that these next few weeks would slow down a bit!

As always, I wanted to share my highlights of the last seven days. I feel like that its only when I do this that I realise how busy I’ve been! I’ve managed to fit so much in, I’m amazed at myself!!

Celebrate Wales

I spent last Friday until Sunday night at Celebrate Wales in Cardiff. Unlike the previous weekend, where I was a participant in the conference, this week I was back on the team! I found it really interesting to be able to compare the two experiences and I have to say, I think I actually got more out of the conference where I was on the team!

We had a really great weekend working with the young people and helping them to deepen their relationships with God over the course of the weekend.


I also really enjoyed it because I was able to spend time with my good friends Gus and James who I haven’t seen in several months. It was great for us to be able to catch up while we worked together. I also enjoyed being able to spend time with other friends we have made while volunteering at several Celebrate Conferences over the last year. Its like being part of a really big family!

Dining In

Tuesday night was our final ‘Dining In’ (formal) of the academic year. While it wasn’t the best evening I’ve had, it was nice to have the opportunity to get dressed up and spend quality time with everyone in halls. It was nice to all be together for a few hours without thinking about exams and revision! I also do love an excuse to get dressed up!


Beauty and the Beast

On Wednesday afternoon, Amy and I went to the cinema to watch Beauty and the Beast. It seemed like everyone had been to see it over Easter apart from the two of us, so it was nice to finally see what everyone had been talking about. It was a nice film – some good quotes but also a bit too singy for my liking! I haven’t decided yet whether to write a full post on the film, so I wont say much more on it for now.

It was really nice to spend some time with Amy – especially because she pretty much finishes uni for the year on Monday. Its going to be very strange not having her around all the time, especially because her living in Northern Ireland will make it harder for us all to see each other over summer!

Thursday Night

We did basically nothing, but I think that’s one of the things that made it so good. We planned everything we want to do before Amy goes home, and just generally chatted. As always, there was a lot of laughing, and my face is still hurting as I write! It may sound cringey and clichéd, but I realise more every day how much I’m going to miss these girls over summer.

And that brings us to today! (Well tomorrow, seen as I’m writing this on Thursday night #revisionprobs.) I have my usual Friday morning routine of the gym, chores and revision before going to uni. In the evening we’re going out for tea and then to see The Vamps perform at the Echo Arena. It should be a good night!

That’s all for now, I’ll be back on Tuesday with a cheeky little post for you then!

Until next time,



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