Friday Faves #15

The end of a really busy week is finally here, and with it, the end of my Easter holiday after this weekend. Although I’ve worked 3 days this week, I’ve also made sure to fit in some nice things as well!

Easter Weekend

I had a really lovely Easter weekend with my family. As Catholics, we go to Mass on Saturday night for the Easter Vigil, where we light the Paschal Candle from a new fire and hear readings from the Bible from God creating the world to Jesus’ resurrection. We also welcomed a lady into the Catholic faith as she was Baptised, Confirmed and also received Jesus in the Eucharist for the first time. The Easter Vigil is my favourite Mass of the year, and as always, it was a great celebration! Our parish always has a little buffet after the Easter Vigil, and so everyone was able to stay after Mass to continue celebrating Jesus’ resurrection!


My Church decorated beautifully for Easter!

On Sunday morning, my family and I headed down to Stockport where we went to the Christening of our cousin’s baby. It was really special for Henry to be baptised on Easter Sunday, and to celebrate both his baptism (and Easter) with our extended family members who we don’t see often.

Easter Monday

After spending all of the previous week working, I hadn’t spent much quality time with my family, so on Monday I went shopping with my Mum and sisters in Liverpool. Although I do live in the city most of the time now, it was nice to just go and shop, rather than go and be at uni! We had a fab time together, and I bought plenty of new clothes for when the weather hopefully gets a bit warmer!

Tuesday Evening

After a long day at work on Tuesday, my family and I ordered a takeaway (a rare occurrence for us) and we just ate it sat around the dining table. Spending time together like that – with no distractions from social media etc – was great and we had a good laugh together! It was also a really good takeaway meal so that was even better!


On Thursday night I met up with a couple of my closest friends for a little catch up meal. After not seeing them since Christmas, it was great to be able to have a nice meal together and just catch up on each other’s news! Really hoping that we’ll be able to spend more time together over summer because with us all at work/different unis etc, it’s getting harder for the whole group to be together.


So that’s all really! As I write this, I’m currently on a minibus travelling to Celebrate North West, held at Macclesfield. I’m looking forward to a great weekend with God and friends and then back to uni on Monday!! Although I’ve had a fab time at home this holiday, it’s going to be so nice to see my uni friends again and to get back into life in Liverpool!!

Let’s just not think about exams and revision just yet…




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