Friday Faves #14

You may have noticed a tiny detail about this post… I published it today and not Friday! Don’t worry, I didn’t forget! As yesterday was Good Friday, I didn’t want to upload a post yesterday as it is the day we remember Jesus’ death and so the day should be about Him, not my blog!

This week hasn’t been very exciting or eventful really. I’ve gone back to my part-time job for the Easter¬†holiday and so have worked four out of five days this week. It’s been really busy, but I’m glad to be able to earn some money that I’ll hopefully be able to enjoy spending over summer!

Anyway, for this week’s ‘Friday Faves’ I thought I would talk about a TV show that I watched over the last week.

You may remember that in my post about the Youth 2000 retreat in Leeds, I talked about the filming that was done by the BBC for a documentary they were making about the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal.

The documentary aired on Thursday night and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I’d managed to persuade my family to watch it with me and we all found it a really interesting insight into the lives of the friars. It focused on the work they do with their soup kitchen, but also on the friars themselves – highlighting their relationships with God and each other. As I have met many of the friars who were featured in the documentary, it was great to see how the producers of the documentary showed their personalities and demonstrated that they are really just normal guys who God has chosen to do something special!

I don’t want to give away too much about the programme because I really recommend you watch it, however the story of it was of how the friars work to support those in their community who are struggling, but also how they live their vow of poverty in particular. It also followed them on their journey to try and reopen their parish church of St Patrick’s, and members of their Parish as they tried to get the building in a fit condition to celebrate St Patrick’s Day Mass in the church.

The documentary was very easy to watch and full of the friars’ humour. My family and I really enjoyed watching it together when it aired on Thursday night. Whether you are Catholic or not, I would really suggest you watch it, as it is a really interesting insight into an aspect of life that not everyone is familiar with. And even if you know the friars really well, watch it anyway!

‘Bronx to Bradford: Friars on a Mission’ is available on BBC iPlayer for 28 days.

Have a great weekend, and Happy Easter!



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