The Museum of Liverpool: Not my Cup of Tea

Liverpool’s Pier Head. Beautiful, very windy, and an absolute nightmare to get to. Its full of three things: water (obviously), gift shops, and museums. The Museum of Liverpool sits almost alone, an ugly modern building amidst the surrounding traditional architecture.



An example of the beauty of the docks


The museum itself is supposed to be a celebration of everything that makes Liverpool, Liverpool. From football to The Beatles, and everything in between, it seems like the museum’s curators vomited ideas onto three floors and just chucked everything in. It’s a bit much. Maybe it’d be a fun (and free!) afternoon out for your grandparents after they’d replenished your bank account and returned you to uni. However, I wouldn’t go with them yourself, unless you don’t mind a few hours of intense boredom.

There’s a café on the ground floor overlooking the waterfront which has redeeming potential. But this is not fulfilled. The choice of food is poor, and that’s also what you’ll be after forking out a whopping £4.50 for the tiniest bowl of tomato pasta you’ve ever seen. And the tea they serve is loose leaf – I mean, I’m pretty sure that only Professor Trelawney from Harry Potter serves tea like that? The glass teapots do look artsy and everything, but don’t look at the tea leaves too closely – you never know, you might see the Grim looking back at you.

In all honesty, I would save yourself the hassle of the docks’ permanent gale force winds and the near impossibility of actually getting to the museum – just give it a miss. Yes, its free, but we all know that if we hadn’t been forced there on a uni trip, we would have never step foot through the doors in our three years of study here. So, if you happen to be at the docks in a storm and are looking for shelter, I’d make a break for it and see if you could accidently end up in Wetherspoons. It might make a bigger dent in your bank balance, but it will definitely be more fun.

And if you still want to know what makes Liverpool so great, speak to the people. After all, a museum doesn’t make a city, but Scousers certainly make this one!




Because nothing is more Liverpudlian than a superlambanana…



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