Reflecting on Lent

I can’t believe that Lent is almost over! Next week is Holy Week, and then Easter. I feel like it’s flown by but at the same time it seems to have lasted so long!

As Lent draws to a close, I wanted to look back on these last 5 weeks or so and see what impact my Lenten observances have had on my life. So, for Lent, the main things I did really were to give up ‘lazy communication’ and also to pray more. I also tried to be more generous. These three things have kind of accidently fallen into ‘prayer, fasting and giving’ categories which was actually completely unintentional!

I don’t want to go into loads of detail with each one, as I believe that Lenten observances are a private thing, so I would rather only me and God know how its gone. However, I feel like giving up ‘lazy communication’ has been incredibly beneficial to me. By ‘lazy communication’, I mean that I felt like sometimes it was too easy to talk to people without really putting much thought and effort into it. So I gave up most forms of social media, and cutting down how much time I spent on Facebook, I made sure to still keep in touch with people via other means. I wrote letters, had phone conversations, sent texts and had Facetime chats. For me, it was important for me to show people that I care about them, and sending someone a quick ‘hi’ message on Snapchat felt too lazy to me. Especially from the letters I sent, I noticed how much people appreciate you taking time to show them you care. Although I will 100% be back to all my social media sites after Lent, I will definitely be remembering to take time to properly talk to people and to spend time with them without feeling a constant need to check Facebook etc.

Throughout Lent, myself and the other members of Liverpool Hope CathSoc have been uploading short reflections each day to encourage others on their Lenten journeys. It has also been a great opportunity for us to share our faith with other people and to be witnesses of God’s love. By writing these reflections and organising who was posting what, when, I feel that it has really helped us to grow as a group and to work together as a team to get things done. This will be really beneficial when we start preparing to host NUCS (Northern Universities’ Catholic Societies) next academic year!

Through the daily emails from #40acts and reflections from the UniLent page, I feel like I have been really encouraged to be generous. I think I would usually consider myself quite a generous person, but this Lent I have been challenged to push myself and to really give as much as I can to others. Whether it be doing the washing up for my flatmates or just being a listening ear for someone who needed to talk, I feel like God has been reminding me this Lent that giving doesn’t always mean money! In fact, I believe that time and energy can often have an even greater impact on those you help.

Despite all this, I think the most important thing that has struck me this Lent, and will probably stay with me, is how much God loves us and how much He wants us to trust Him and be with Him. One of the readings from Lent was where Peter asks Jesus how many times we should forgive those who have offended us. Although I have heard that Gospel reading many times before, it properly struck me this time. God forgives us so many times, so why shouldn’t we do the same for others?

Overall, I feel that this Lent has been one of the most beneficial. I feel that my acts of prayer, fasting and giving have brought me closer to God and have helped me to put my faith at the forefront of my life. I really hope that after Lent, I will continue to do this and so it will have a lasting impact on me.

I would love to know what this Lent has taught you – please leave a comment either on this post or on the shared post on Liverpool Hope CathSoc’s Facebook page.

Have a great Easter!




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