Friday Faves #11

So, I thought I’d things a bit different this week – mix it up a bit!

I thought I’d just share with you my top three highlights of the week, instead of giving you a run-down of every day. After all, my weeks do seem to be pretty similar!

Completing my Assignments

On Tuesday evening, I finally finished all my assignments. At last!! All my portfolios and coursework from this year are over and done with!

I remember first realising how many I had to do in such a short space of time and all the initial stress I had. To realise that they were all finally complete with three days until the deadline has made me feel very proud of myself! I genuinely cant believe I’ve managed to get them all done and I don’t need to stress about them anymore. Its such a huge weight off my mind.

My top tip for anyone else who may have a mountain of assignments like I did:

Start early and get them done as soon as you can. Don’t do what I did and leave the hardest one until last because if you’re anything like I am, you’ll have everything else done but will procrastinate with that last one! I would also make a list of the work you need to do, as you cross each one off as you complete it, you really get a sense of accomplishment which motivates you to get them all crossed off the list!

Receiving a ‘Care Package’ from home

On Wednesday I went to check my post as usual, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that I had quite a bit of mail – three letters and a parcel in fact! Back in my room, I opened them and it was so lovely to receive letters from both my parents. The letter from my Dad in particular was really lovely and he told me the secret recipe for his amazing hotpot. I don’t know if I’ll have chance to make it before the end of this year, but I feel very honoured that he has shared his recipe with me!

I also received a card and lovely long letter from my Mum, as well as a box full of goodies! As I have to cut wheat out of my diet for a while for medical reasons, the box she sent was filled with loads of gluten free treats for me to try. It was such a lovely surprise and made me feel really loved, even if it has been a while since I’ve been home!


Savouring the ‘Little’ Things

This probably sounds really weird (and I am tempted to write a full blog about this sometime…) but I realised this week that we only have four full, proper weeks left in uni, and six until we have to move out of halls. I can’t believe it! This year has really flown by and I feel like I’ve blinked and its gone! So I want to start savouring every moment. People say that living in halls is an experience like no other, and that is so true! I have absolutely loved being in Austin this year and I’ve made some amazing friends. The seven other girls on my corridor are all so lovely, and I genuinely couldn’t have asked for nicer people to have lived with this year. We’ve had such a great time!

In particular, last night was the last night before ‘D-Day’ tomorrow – all assignments, portfolios and coursework for every course (except teaching) is due in at Midday tomorrow. So to say that people have been feeling the pressure is quite an understatement!  Myself, Amy and Emily were all feeling very tired and stressed so we spent the evening sat on the floor in Emily’s room, watching TV and chatting. One of the best parts of living in halls has been the friends I’ve made, and I’m so glad that I have the kind of friendship where we don’t even need to do anything particular together but can still have a good time. It makes the stressful times so much easier!

So those were my highlights of this last week. I was getting a bit bored of doing the same Friday Faves format each week, so I might try mixing it up a bit and doing different things… we’ll see!

Anyway, I hope you have a great weekend – I have a few nice things planned for the next couple of days but I’ll tell you more about those next week hopefully!

Until next time,




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