Friday Faves #7


I feel like I should hide behind a cushion or something – in the last three weeks I’ve only managed to do three posts. Sorry! On the plus side, at least I haven’t completely abandoned you… yet anyway! ūüėČ

When messaging one of my friends last night, I suddenly realised it was Thursday. For some reason I felt like it should have been maybe Tuesday or Wednesday! This week has flown by in a total blur yet again. SO MUCH happened and I can’t wait to tell you it all so let’s just jump straight in!


As I mentioned last time, I spent the weekend at home celebrating my sister Rachel’s¬†18th birthday. On Saturday night we went for a fancy meal at an Italian near us and the meal was amazing! The food was so tasty and we had a really good chat and a laugh together. Rachel got hit on by one of the waiters which was very funny and Ellie and I enjoyed teasing her about it – as all good sisters do!


On Sunday we just had a chilled day with my Mum and I doing my shopping before heading home to a full English breakfast my Dad had lovingly cooked for us which was such a lovely treat!


On Monday it was time to head back to uni. As my Mum had a commitment later that day we set off back to Liverpool much earlier than usual. We stopped off at IKEA on the way for a(nother) big breakfast, but unfortunately we’d missed it. This didn’t put me off though and I enjoyed a nice early lunch of meatballs, chips and gravy¬†– when in IKEA it would be rude not to!!

After Mum dropped me back off, I spent the rest of the day unpacking and tackling my English essay. I managed to make it a really productive day so finished it off with catching up on Coronation Street (thanks to one of my Creative Writing lecturers for getting me addicted!) and having an early night.


As I always say, Tuesday is my busiest day of uni as I have Creative Writing lectures and seminars all day. This week was really good as we had two visiting lecturers in. In the morning, we had John Connolly who is a best-selling author and used to work for The Irish Times. He talked to us about creative non-fiction and journalism and gave us loads of really good advice. That was the second time John has visited us, and once again I found his talk really interesting and full of useful tips that I’m sure I’ll be able to put to good use.

In the afternoon, we had a lecture and seminar with Carmel Morgan who is a screenwriter and has written for shows such as Brookside and The Royle Family. She has also written (and is currently writing) for Coronation Street so it’s really interesting to hear the perspective of someone working for such a long-running show. We have had many sessions with Carmel, however Tuesday was unfortunately our last one with her this year. I’ve really enjoyed¬†her teaching us as she is very funny, honest and real. She¬†gives¬†us great advice with our work and is so encouraging so I’m going to really miss her working with us this year!

Tuesday was a great day overall and I loved being taught by the visiting lecturers because its always nice to have even more input from experts as well as our usual lecturers and hear from writers with experience in different areas of the industry.



Very irrelevant to what I was just talking about but I took this photo of campus looking ready for Spring on Tuesday!



I had an orthodontist appointment back home on Wednesday so I got the train home in the morning. After meeting my parents for lunch and a catch up at Wetherspoons, I then went to my appointment. It was really lovely spending quality time with my parents because even though I only saw them at the weekend, I won’t be home again properly for about 5/6 weeks so I needed to make sure they’ll be alright without me!!

My appointment went well – there’s a longggg way to go yet with my braces but my teeth are making good progress and that’s all I can hope for! He filed between my teeth this time which was…unpleasant to say the least but I have to keep reminding myself that it’ll all be worth it in the end!



Lime Street Station



Thursday was Doris’ day…. Storm Doris hit Liverpool and threw everything she had at us! I’ve honestly never known anything like it! Pouring rain, wind that could knock you over and then we even a bit of hailstone in the evening!

The most dramatic moment of the day was definitely when I came back from my seminar for lunch. Before the seminar I had been messaging one of my friends who is at home on half term this week (those doing teaching have a half term break) and I’d joked with her that the wind was so bad that I would come back from my seminar and the tree outside my window would have fallen into my room because of the powerful winds. Little did I know, I was almost foreshadowing events! When I did return from the seminar two hours later, the tree had fallen over¬†as¬†the trunk had¬†pretty much snapped from the roots.

Thanks be to God! It fell in the opposite direction from my room so no one was hurt and nothing seems to be damaged. So that was a very eventful morning!



Damage by Doris



As I’m writing this Thursday night/Friday morning, who knows what exciting things will happen today?! I’m going to finish and publish this post, go to the gym, do some more work and then go to my lectures etc in the afternoon. I don’t really have anything planned for this weekend but I really hope to get at least one more assignment finished off and get started with another. March is almost here and deadline day is a month from today so I’d better keep going!

Its really strange – my best friends at uni have both had half term this week and with them both being away I was worried how I’d be (just to clarify, I do have plenty of¬†other friends apart from them at uni but they are who I spend most time with). However, I’ve actually had a really enjoyable week. I’ve almost been forced to be even more sociable with other people and also to be really productive. I’ve managed to get so much done so when they come back I wont have to hide in my room for the foreseeable future while I do work!

Until next time,



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