Drabble: ‘She Didn’t See’


Only a very brief post today, but I wanted to share some of the work I did in my Creative Writing seminar this afternoon. We were talking about short stories – from 6 word stories to narrative tweets, fables to short stories and everything in between, it was really interesting. I really enjoyed it, especially trying to construct an gripping narrative out of very few words!

One of the pieces I wrote received a really good reaction from my classmates so I thought it might be nice to share it on here.

So here is my drabble!

(For those of you wondering, a ‘drabble’ is a 100 word short story.)

‘She Didn’t See’

They were laughing as they strolled, hand in hand, completely carefree, completely absorbed in each other. Her phone rang, the world interrupted. As she looked down, he looked at her and smiled. But she didn’t see.

The traffic lights changed, green to red. But she didn’t see. With her hand still in his, they crossed the road, him dragging her along. A car appeared, speeding, ignoring the red light. But she didn’t see. And this time, neither did he.

It got her first, then him. They hit the tarmac, hands still entwined, and the world caved in on them both.



Until next time,



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