Sunshine in the Dark


So today is supposedly the worst day of the year: ‘Blue Monday’. I guess with the hustle and bustle of Christmas over, and being back in the midst of the everyday routine again, it can really bring you back to earth with a sudden bump, and maybe leave you feeling slightly less than…


So, ‘Blue Monday’. I know that a lot of scientific research took place before this became “a thing”. But I do worry that perhaps it has been a bit trivialised. Mental health problems are a serious issue, yet I feel like they are quite often not taken seriously enough.

So yes, let’s spread awareness of mental health issues, but let’s not trivialise it. Please, mental health problems are serious. Today you might feel a bit down in the dumps, but I suggest that we all spare a thought/a prayer for people who are having a ‘blue’ week, a ‘blue’ month, a ‘blue’ year. For people who don’t remember what a good day feels like.

So I ask: Let’s spread awareness of mental health issues, but let’s do it in the right way. If you know someone who hasn’t seemed themselves recently, or who you know may be struggling with their mental health, give them a hand. You don’t have to do anything spectacular, but everyone likes to know that there is someone out there who cares about them, and who has their back.

Everyone needs a bit of sunshine in their life. And living in England, this isn’t something we get a lot of, especially at this time of year! So lets be the sunshine! Let’s try and make it a yellow week – let’s turn blue yellow, by bringing the sunshine out.

To spread awareness of mental issues, we need to be like a guide in a dark room. Everyone has to find their own light switch in the end, but we all need a little encouragement to get there, and being alone in the dark is a pretty tough place to be.

Until next time,



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