Friday Faves #1


Here’s me, 13 days into 2017 and already struggling with some of my New Years’ goals… But I’m not giving up! It’s never too late for me to persevere, so I’m going to try and blog every week from now on!

In order to try and motivate myself to blog every week, I thought I’d start a little feature. So many people do “featured posts” on their blogs, however I wanted to do something a bit more simple while I’m just getting started. And ‘Friday Faves’ was born. Every week this year, I’m going to write a post (to be published on Friday) that will share a couple of my highlights of the week. So not only will this help me to keep blogging regularly, but also to be positive!

For the first time, here’s my Friday Faves!

Ed Sheeran’s new music

As most of you will know, I am a MASSIVE fan of Ed Sheeran. Since he released ‘+’ in 2011 (can’t believe it was so long ago!) I have loved his music. Unfortunately, I haven’t yet had chance to go to one of his gigs, but I can’t wait for the day when I finally see him live! When he announced a few weeks ago that he’d be releasing new music, to say I was excited is an understatement. So on 6th January, when he released “Shape of You” and “Castle on the Hill”, I spent the whole day listening to them on repeat!

Both of these songs are completely unlike anything he’s released before, but I love this new, almost deeper sound even more. “Castle on the Hill” is a softer song with really powerful lyrics, is quite reflective and also a bit relatable – as a student living away from home, the lyrics “I can’t wait to go home” really resonate with me. Although I do love uni, nothing beats going home and spending time with my family! His second single, “Shape of You” is very different. It is much more upbeat, cheeky and VERY catchy! I find myself singing it all the time! I just think the song is so Ed Sheeran, and I absolutely love it!

I also pre-ordered ‘Divide’ yesterday and I can’t wait for it to be released on 3rd March so I can hear all the other songs on the album.

Catching up with extended family

Last weekend was my Nanna’s 90th Birthday party. It was so lovely for the whole extended family on my Mum’s side to come together and celebrate my Nanna’s 90th Birthday party! The thing I most enjoyed about the party was catching up with my cousins who I haven’t seen since the summer. As the oldest of them is also in his first term at uni, it was nice to hear about his experiences as well as just generally catching up with the three of them! It was also fun for us to teach Nanna about our iPhones – she was very intrigued by how such small phones could do so much! FaceTime especially completely blew her away, she couldn’t believe that me and my sister were able to communicate by video using the internet. Watch out world, should my Nanna ever get her hands on any technology!!!!


Going back to uni

As much as I had an amazing Christmas, I’d missed uni and my uni friends so much. It was so fab to be back – to see everyone again and also to be back into my little routine of things. It’s also been nice to be back in “my place” and to have my independence back. But this term is going to be ridiculously busy and probably pretty stressful, so I need to really savour these beginning days of the term because I know it’s going to fly by and assignment deadlines will approach rapidly! But for now, it’s so nice to be back!


Good TV programmes again!

I know, I know: Such a trivial thing! But with a busy and stressful term, I think it’s really important that I make time in the day to relax before going to bed. And there are so many good programmes on at the moment! Especially the crime dramas: Silent Witness, Midsummer Murders, Death in Paradise and Sherlock. It’s nice having something to distract you at the end of the day from all the work and busyness that has been going on.

Coming home again

I was so happy to go back to uni after Christmas, but during this week, I’ve been feeling pretty ill. I was due to come home just for Thursday night anyway, however I decided to stay for the weekend. As much as I do love uni, when I’m feeling ill, I would much rather be at home where I can be looked after for a couple of days. As we were so busy over Christmas, I feel like I didn’t spend a lot of time with my family. So even though I’m feeling pretty rough, it’s nice to spend a few days relaxing with my family and generally getting under their feet a bit! 😉


I have to say, I’m also pretty proud of the photos I’ve taken this week (featured in this post, except the family shot). They’ve turned out really nicely, and hopefully my photography skills will continue to improve this year as well!

There we have it… my Friday Faves for the second week of January!  I’m not going to put any pressure on myself with this feature, I’m just going to see how I feel each week. Some weeks I’ll do a detailed post like this, but other weeks I might share my favourite photo from the week, and other times I might post a quote or something that has really stood out to me during the last seven days. I’m just going to play it by ear and see how it goes! So, stay tuned and let’s see where this goes!

Until next time,




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