I can’t spell Granddad

10 years ago today my Granddad Jordan (Dad’s Dad) passed away. Five years prior to his death, my Mum’s Dad (Granddad Burns) had also passed away.

As of this year, I’ve spent more of my life Granddad-less than I spent with them. And when I think about it, that’s quite upsetting. The two men who helped raise my parents to be the amazing people they are today didn’t get to experience their grandchildren growing up while they were on Earth.

However, the few years I spent with them both have given me some of the memories I treasure most from childhood.

Every time we went to see Granddad Burns and Nanna, we would always be given chocolate buttons at the end of the visit. Without fail, they would be melted into a solid lump as Granddad would have been sat with them in his pocket for our whole visit. To this day, I hate to eat chocolate buttons that aren’t melted, and every time I eat them, the lovely memories of Granddad Burns are revived – as if I’m watching a cinema of memories in my mind.

With Granddad Jordan, God decided to let him stick around with us for a bit longer than Granddad Burns and I also have so many special memories of him.

Recently in one of my Creative Writing seminars, we had to try and remember the earliest sound we heard. Something that really stuck out to me was Granddad reading in Church. He had the most beautiful voice and hearing him read at Mass was my favourite part of the week. In fact, I would often be disappointed when he wasn’t reading!! It was these memories of him that inspired me to become a reader at Mass several years ago. When I struggled with my confidence to read in front of the congregation, I always thought about Grandad and asked him to get God to give me a hand! And it always worked!

So as today marks 10 years since my Grandad Jordan passed away, I wanted to write a letter to both my Granddads:

Granddad Burns and Granddad Jordan,

10 years I’ve been without you both. 10 Granddad-less years. 10 years of not hearing either of your voices. I’ve been alive longer without you here than the short years of my life I spent with you.

If you were both here, I hope you’d be proud. I’m pursuing my dream of becoming a writer – something I’ve wanted to do my whole life. My life is going so well at the moment but it is in these joyful times that I think of you both.

I wonder what it would be like if you were still with us today. If I could hear your voices again; if I could eat the chocolate buttons that had been melting in your pocket for hours; if I could just have a hug and one of both of your infamous sloppy kisses on the cheek!!

I know you’re not here physically with us anymore, but I hope you’re watching over me with a smile on your face. I hope you see what amazing parents your children are.

I wish you were here but until we meet again in Heaven I will keep praying for you both, as I hope you will for me. Until we’re reunited again, I trust that God is keeping an eye on you both.

Hope you’re having a good time up there, and that there’s plenty of whiskey for you both on tap. I love you.

Your oldest “little angel” xx





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