Looking for the Bright Side


So this is going to be a fairly different post I think from what I usually write, and to be honest, from what a lot of people talk about on blogs etc.

I feel that quite often, people put forward the best version of themselves online. Yes, I’m guilty of this too. But I feel like its time to start being honest with both ourselves and everyone else too. I know this blog hasn’t been up very long so I hope I don’t scare anyone off, but here is me being honest. Its really important that I’m honest on here and so I’m starting how I mean to go on!

I want to talk about Bonfire Night.

I don’t know about you, but all my social media sites were completely dominated with cute pictures of sparklers, fireworks and groups of friends all huddled up wearing lots of layers. And yes, I took some photos like this as well. But no, unlike what most of these people seemed to have experienced, I did not have a good night.

My friends Amy and Emily and I were really excited to go and see the Liverpool ‘River of Light’ firework display that was being held on the River Mersey. We had been told that £2.5 million was spent on the display and that it was going to be potentially the best Bonfire Night fireworks display in the country. So obviously, we were really looking forward to it.

All day we rushed around doing the various jobs that needed doing so we could be ready in plenty of time to get to the city centre and soak up the atmosphere at the waterfront before the fireworks began. We had a few jobs we wanted to do in town and so we got all wrapped up and warm before heading out at half three to begin our evening. When we got to the bus stop and had to wait ages for the bus, we realised we were freezing cold already. Bearing in mind it was only about twenty-five to four at this point…


Realising at the bus stop that our many layers weren’t enough…

When we got to town, we managed to get the jobs we needed doing over with plenty of time to go before the fireworks began. So we ended up standing in the huge crowds at Albert Docks with an hour and a half to go before the fireworks actually started. After about five minutes we’d realised the three of us were all freezing cold and bored already. But we didn’t want to move out the crowd as we knew people would quickly take our places.

So we waited. And waited. And waited.

It was so boring and we couldn’t feel our feet, our hands or our noses because of the cold. People around us started to get fish and chips and it looked amazing. We had decided earlier that we would wait for food and get McDonalds afterwards but the smell just made us even more hungry and even more grumpy! Luckily, the fireworks began shortly after.


An example of the ‘spectacular’ fireworks used…

But what a disappointment. After so many people had said how amazing the spectacle would be, I don’t think I would even describe it as a spectacle. I’ve seen better in people’s back gardens back home in Preston! The fireworks were very small and it was pretty difficult to see them (whether because of my height or the huge crowds I don’t know!). I was expecting them to be to music and there to be lots of big fireworks, however this was not the case. It was definitely not worth standing in the cold for almost two hours! A lot of people were leaving part way through the display because it just wasn’t worth it. We waited to the end despite our disappointment and then pretty much ran through the city centre to the welcoming sign of the golden arches!

McDonalds was ridiculously busy, however it was just really nice to have some warm food to heat us up and also to escape from the cold outside for a bit!

After we’d eaten, we headed to the bus stop to be greeted by the most enormous queue I’d ever seen. Bus after bus sped past, each one absolutely packed and with their lights turned off so no one would stop them. We waited forty minutes until a bus finally stopped. There were obviously no seats available, but to be honest we were just glad to be finally heading home – especially because we were so cold and had missed X Factor as well at this point!

I thought that the disappointing night was over. I didn’t think anything else could happen to add to my bad mood. Then another passenger on the bus practically jumped on my foot and whipped me across the face with her incredibly long hair. That’s okay though, because I could finally feel my feet and face again. Until a small child dropped their cup of milk all over my shoe. My lovely winter boots that I hadn’t had chance to wear yet this year were covered in milk. And it absolutely stank. Obviously, the toddler hadn’t done it deliberately, but it was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I was grumpy, tired, freezing cold and just so done now. I was ready to go to bed and forget the day ever happened. It was so awful.

When the three of us finally managed to escape the bus, we all agreed that we felt cold, grumpy and to be honest we were all ready to cry! We just felt so miserable after something we had been looking forward to for weeks had been a massive disappointment.

But this post is called “Looking for the Bright Side”, so here it is.

I didn’t want to go to bed feeling so upset because I knew I’d wake up feeling the same in the morning. So we all put our pyjamas on, grabbed some chocolate and snuggled up in my room to watch What We Did On Our Holiday. And when the film was over, the chocolate had been eaten and I was by myself again, I realised something really important.

Yes, our adventure to see the fireworks had been an absolute nightmare. But no, it wasn’t a disaster.

I realised that the night could *almost* be seen as a success. (I know, after that tale of misery!) But it made me realise how blessed I am. Six weeks into life at university and I have made two extremely close friends who I can not only have fun times with, but who will be there to make me smile even in the times when we’re all tired, cold and feeling pretty down.


Smiling even when your fingers and toes are going to drop off from the cold

So I guess I’ve learned a bit of a lesson from this experience. University life is going to be a rollercoaster of good times, bad times and everything in between. But at the end of the day, it’s about who spend those times with. If I hadn’t been with Emily and Amy, the whole experience would have been 10x worse and I would have come home and gone to bed feeling really down. But just that 90 minutes watching the film together managed to cheer me up, and also helped me realise the importance of finding the positives even when everything seems like an absolute nightmare!

So that’s all for now, I’ll be back soon with something a bit more cheerful hopefully!!! Until then, please leave me some feedback on any of my posts – as I would love to know what you’d like me to write about!

Also, please feel free to enter your details at the bottom of the page to follow my blog! If you sign up to follow this, you’ll be sent an email every time I publish a new post! Exciting eh?!

Much love,

Anna x


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