Here I am again, another new day, another blog post! I’m really trying to expand my content and write about new things so with the dawn of November today, I thought I’d talk about my favourite season.

I love everything about Autumn. Even though I do moan (quite a bit… okay, a lot) about being cold and missing the warmth of summer, Autumn is my favourite season without a doubt. I feel like its onset has been quite late this year – usually by my birthday at the end of September, the weather really begins to change. However this year, I feel like its been warmer for quite a few extra weeks! Definitely not complaining though, so thanks global warming!

But now the temperature seems to have dropped a few degrees, I feel like its finally time to make that transition from Summer to Autumn and I could not be more ready! So here are my top three favourite things about Autumn!

1) Its so pretty!

With the leaves on the trees transforming from green to golden, copper, red and every colour in between, the autumnal transformation of the environment is so beautiful! Nothing beats walking through crisp golden leaves in the morning on my way to lectures and just taking in the environment! My university is so beautiful anyway but it has really taken on an even more beautiful look now the trees are shedding their leaves!

As much as I dislike the early darkness that we get from turning the clocks back, I love walking to my morning lectures as the sun is rising, walking through the piles of gold and red crispy leaves, and breathing in the fresh air. I really love walking through campus on mornings like these – makes me forget about the fact its only 9am!!


2) Autumn Wardrobe

Yes, being a ‘typical girl’ here! As much as I love my summer clothes, I do love this time of year because you can still wear some of your summery clothes, but by chucking a jumper or jacket over the top, you have yourself a lovely autumnal outfit! Its also good because you can start wearing your wintery clothes on the chillier days. However, by lunchtime when the temperature has usually increased a bit, sometimes those thick jumpers can get a bit too much! Those of you who know me in person will know that I wear my white converse all the time, I pretty much live in them. So I love Autumn because I can still get away with wearing them without them getting filthy on a daily basis. When the weather gets a bit chillier, I always feel that my boots are a much wiser choice than trainers!


Being all posy rocking my typical Autumnal outfit!

Since I’ve been at uni, I feel like I pretty much live in my pyjamas – as soon as I’m finished with lectures for the day, I love to put them on and feel really relaxed and cosy. I feel like winter is even more of an excuse to wear them, especially when I can wrap up in my big fluffy dressing gown and slippers too! I also love being able to throw on a big hoodie when I’m going anywhere – a hoodie and jeans with my big scarf seems to be my uniform at the moment on days when I just can’t be bothered wearing ‘nice’ clothes!

3) Festivities

I really feel that Autumn is a time filled with celebrations, and I absolutely love this. Who doesn’t love a good party?! Now I’m not a massive fan of Halloween, so now we’ve got that out of the way I’m so excited for Bonfire Night. At home, we don’t usually do much – just watch the fireworks other people set off from our bedroom windows really! But this year, my uni friends and I are planning to go to the Albert Docks and watch the fireworks that are happening along the River Mersey. I’m really looking forward to wrapping up in loads of layers and going to join the celebrations.

And once Bonfire Night is over, I think I’m going to start the countdown to Christmas! In halls we really want to celebrate together, and so we’re probably going to bedeck our rooms, corridors and everywhere else with all the tinsel, paper chains, fairy lights and anything else we can get our hands on to make our halls look as Christmassy as possible. I can’t wait!

So just in case you haven’t gathered by now, Autumn is definitely my favourite season and I’m really looking forward to the next couple of months as the nights draw in and the weather starts to get colder. I’m really looking forward to being able to come back from the cold and making my self a lovely warm mug of hot chocolate to welcome myself in from the cold!


So what’s your favourite season? Are you a lover of Autumn like me or do you prefer the heat of Summer or the new life brought in Spring? Or maybe you even enjoy the ice of winter? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time,

Much love,

Anna x



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