5 Things I’ve Learnt About Myself at Uni


So I know that in my first post I talked about how I wanted to get away from the UCAS restricted content of my previous blog… But here I am, blogging about uni-related stuff again! I wanted to do more of an introductory post, but as most of my readers probably know me in person anyway (if you don’t, or are just nosy to find out more about me, check out my ‘About’ page!) I thought I’d take a slightly different approach! So here are 5 things I have learnt about myself in my first month-and-a-bit at uni!

1) Becoming domesticated and independent is a shock to the system at first
I’m not going to lie, before I moved into uni I was pretty terrified at how I was going to cope without my parents! Don’t get me wrong, my parents prepared me for uni life very well – they taught me how to cook, clean, iron, wash etc etc but I never really had to do these things completely alone! I always had one of them there behind me cheering me on! And also, I was used to using all the appliances we had at home! I was not used to cooking in an oven which probably remembers the flower power days and the death of Marilyn Monroe and with toasters which only know how to toast one side of the bread while leaving the other completely raw. Luckily, these erm…. differences (?!) have now become normal to me so I can successfully manage to make a half decent slice of toast and even an omelette! (No, I’m joking – I can actually cook pretty tasty meals with these appliances!)

Photographic evidence that I can actually cook! And apologies to all my friends on Snapchat for my constant bombardment of it with photos of my cooking!!

2) Making really good friends was nowhere near as hard as I thought
Yes, I know. Everyone is always scared that they wont make friends before they go to uni. And I don’t have enough fingers and toes to count the number of people who told me this before I moved here, but I didn’t really believe them! (Sorry guys!!) I was even in a Facebook group chat yet I was still absolutely petrified that I wouldn’t make friends in my halls or on my courses. However, before I’d even stepped foot in my halls, I’d bumped into people from the chat and was able to have little chats with them! And when I was moving my mountains of possessions into my room, I was greeted by the loveliest group of girls on my floor. We were able to get to know each other really quickly and as a lot of us have similar interests, this led to the ice being broken very quickly!
Since we moved in five weeks ago, obviously everyone has kind of found their own little groups and stuff which is really nice! Even though there are lots of little groups, the atmosphere in halls is really relaxed and friendly and we all get on as a group very well! I’ve made two really close friends in particular – Emily and Amy – and the three of us do everything together! We’ve become incredibly close in a very short space of time and I feel so blessed to have made such good friends so quickly!

My Uni Best Friends

3) Homesickness isn’t really an issue
I was expecting to get really bad homesickness. My immediate family is very close, and during the really long summer that followed the end of my A Level exams it seemed like my Mum and I in particular did almost everything together. I also work part-time for the same company as my Dad and so I knew it would be strange seeing him neither at home or work! In addition to this, my sisters and I are very close and so I knew I was going to miss them tonnes!
Now don’t get me wrong, I do miss my family. I miss little things like eating tea round the dinner table together, praying together before bed, going to Mass together on a Saturday night and even just sitting in the same room together all on our electrical devices! But luckily for me, technology has made it very easy for us to stay in touch with each other! I’m always on our family WhatsApp group chat and I love videochatting with them all! I have also seen them a fair few times since I moved here and so that has made it much easier! I think that I’d be finding it much more difficult if I’d moved further away from home!

Loved being reunited with my family for my youngest sister’s birthday weekend

4) Being open about your faith isn’t awkward or challenging in any way
Again, this was something else I was pretty concerned about. After a “very Catholic summer” as one of my friends called it with Cleethorpes Celebrate, World Youth Day and then Youth 2000, I was feeling rejuvenated and really strong in my faith. However, I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to carry this on at university. I worried that I wouldn’t be able to openly talk about my faith with my hall mates, and to be honest I was most scared that they’d think I was some weird and preachy religious freak! (Which I’m not by the way, just to clarify!!!) But again, this was so much better than I expected! I have put up my Lourdes Pilgrimage diocesan photos, along with a beautiful glass cross my parents bought me and a lot of people seem to have been intrigued by these. Also, one of my friends from Lourdes 2015 lives in the same halls as me and so we have been able to go to Mass and CathSoc (Catholic Society) together each week. I’m really grateful to have Catherine, as having a Catholic friend to go to Mass with (especially that first week) made me feel much more relaxed about going to these events with lots of new people!!
5) You get a lot of work in not a lot of time
This is something that hit me like a tonne of bricks in my first proper week of lectures. For pretty much every lecture and tutorial, we have to do quite a bit of reading or other preparation so that we know what the lecturer is talking about!
I have also been surprised at how quickly we’ve had assignments to submit! Baring in mind, I’ve had a month’s worth of lectures – so far I’ve had two assignments for Lit to submit and then another due next week for Creative Writing! Luckily, none of these have been too challenging so far (touch wood!!) and I’ve developed a habit of finishing them quite a few days in advance of the deadline in order to take the pressure off myself and allow for more time to do other things (such as blogging, watching catch up TV and obviously doing plenty of reading too…).
I have to admit, I’m really surprised at how much I’ve been able to adapt to student life! I thought I’d find it much more of a challenge than I have done and I definitely didn’t expect to feel so settled here as quickly as I have! I’ve even started to call uni “home” (sorry people at “home home”!!) which has led to a few confusing moments but I guess it really shows how comfortable I feel here.
So that’s all for now folks, I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and I will see you very soon with another post!
Much love,
Anna x

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