20 Before 20

I can’t believe that I’m going to be twenty this year. Five months today, in fact! (Definitely not a coincidence that this post is being published today!)

Goodbye, teenage years; hello, actual adulthood. It’s so crazy to me that this is (hopefully) going to be the decade where I really begin my own life. There is so much I want to achieve in this decade, but before I start dwelling on that, I wanted to make a list of things I’d like to accomplish before my twentieth birthday. And with five months to go, I should hopefully have plenty of time to complete these.

* Quick Disclaimer: This post was written over a longer period of time than usual, so some of these I have completed already. I will definitely still share about them though! *

1) Get up and watch the sunrise

I just love the natural beauty of the sunrise and seen as I can probably count on one hand the number of times I’ve deliberately seen it, I would love to intentionally get up and see the sunrise before my birthday.

2) Go to Italy

Due to my love for ice cream and Italian food, I have wanted to go to Italy for a really long time. And as we went to Rome on a CathSoc pilgrimage, I can finally tick this off the list!

3) Have a spontaneous trip

Whenever I go anywhere, I always have to have it booked way in advance and be ultra-organised and sorted. Before I’m 20, I want to just randomly decide to go somewhere and then go. Instead of thinking and overthinking every detail, I want to just go and enjoy myself.

4) Random Acts of Kindness

I love doing things like these. Going out of your way for someone without wanting anything back is so rewarding for both me and the people I am being generous to. So before my birthday, I want to make a conscious effort to go out of my way to be kind to others, just because.

5) Go to at least one more Youth 2000 retreat

This one is very self-explanatory I think, but I really want to do at least one more Y2k retreat before my 20th birthday. Ideally, this would be the New Year’s retreat, but as I have a September birthday this won’t be possible. So I’m planning on going to Walsingham, but I do want to go to London this year to bring in 2018.

6) Go to a gig

Again, pretty self-explanatory, but I’ve never actually been to one before so I want to tick this off the list as well. My friends and I have booked to go and see The Vamps when they come to Liverpool as part of their tour in May and I can’t wait already, I’m really looking forward to it!

7) Write a letter to 29 year old me

When I look back at my life over the last decade, I cant believe how much I’ve changed, and how my life has changed since I was 10! Although I realise that this was because of the transition from being a child to the woman I am today, I hope that the next decade will be just as exciting and full of changes. So I want me now to write to future me so that I can look back in 10 year’s time and remember the person I was aged 19.

8) Plan a surprise for someone

I really love surprises, and I love surprising people even more! Before I turn 20, I want to organise and successfully pull off a surprise for one of my friends or family members. I cant wait!

9) Don’t wear my converse for a week

This will probably sound really strange, but if I had to describe my style, it would definitely be ‘jeans and converse’. That’s what I wear on a daily basis and I feel lost without them! So before I turn 20, I want to push the boat out a bit and not wear my converse for a whole week. I’ll let you know how it goes!

10) Write a letter once a week

Since I’ve been at uni, I’ve received a few letters and have also written a few myself. I love writing letters! As corny as it may sound, I really do think that social media has taken away some of the beauty of communication. Taking the time to write someone a letter means that you have taken time to think about them, write, find their address and then post the letter. It takes so much more conscious effort than sending a quick Snapchat or whatever, so I really want to get into letter writing. (Friends, if you want a letter, let me know!!)

11) Take my Dad for a pint

When I turned 18, I promised my Dad I would take him to the pub for a drink. That was 18 months ago now and it still hasn’t happened… Sorry, Dad!!! So, before I turn 20 I will definitely make sure to take him to the pub for a drink. Definitely.

12) Catch up with an ‘old friend’ (or a few!)

I have so many friends who I haven’t seen I’ve started uni and some of them I haven’t seen since the start of summer!! I really want to make a big effort to meet up with them and have a nice catch up. So I’m going to make an effort to clear my diary as much as I can and arrange those get-togethers.

13) Stay up late and talk in the dark

(Definitely didn’t steal this idea from other ’20 before 20′ posts I’ve read…) but this is something I love doing and haven’t done in ages. I love it when it gets late at night and you can stay up with your friends, turn the lights out and talk in the dark. There’s something about it that brings out people’s honesty and its also a great way to strengthen your friendships with people so this is something I really want to do before my birthday.

14) Go out of my way to meet new people

This probably seems a bit weird but I love to meet new people and get to know them! I’ve noticed that when I go to events (e.g. at Youth 2000), I tend to stick with my friends. Before I turn 20, I want to make a big effort to get out of my comfort zone, meet new people and hopefully make friends! I want to have the confidence to go up to new people at events and have good conversations with them.

15) Have published 60 posts on my blog

As I write this, I currently have 30 posts published and 3 more scheduled (including this one). By the time I enter my twenties, I want to have seventy posts published! I don’t just want them to be any old posts, I want to be proud of them all as well. This will also help me to keep posting on a regular basis and that’s good for all of us!

16) Read at least 10 un-course related books

I really love reading, but with so much uni work and reading for my degree, I have no time to read for pleasure. So I want to make an effort to read more for my own enjoyment and to read the books for fun, rather than to rip them to shreds later on! My Mum has been saving me books that she enjoyed since I started uni so I definitely want to get cracking with some of those. I’m hoping that during summer I’ll be able to do a bit of reading for fun.

17) Treat my Mum

Similar to the one about my Dad, I have promised my Mum ages ago that I would take her for cocktails. However, now that I cant drink alcohol it seems a bit pointless to take her for cocktails when I cant join in the drinking! I would still really like to treat her, so I am hoping to take her out for lunch or just do something nice together to make her feel special.

18) Go outside and look at the stars

I think this is quite similar to my first one, however, I do love the stars. There is something really relaxing about just being outside and looking up at those beautiful lights twinkling away. I absolutely love it. Before my birthday, I want to go and sit outside and just look at the stars. Should be simple really!

19) Bake more/Try more recipes

I absolutely love cooking and baking, but I haven’t had chance to bake since before I started uni! I love making brownies, cakes, cookies – you name it! I just find it really therapeutic and a great way to relax.

And as the girls in halls will agree, I love to cook! After a long day at uni, getting in the kitchen and making a (hopefully) tasty meal is my favourite way to relax. However, I feel like I am always making the same things! So I would really like to try some new recipes out and see how they go. Hopefully, this will be easier once I go home for summer and have my family’s extensive ingredients cupboard, rather than my own basic students’ one!

20) Be true to me

This is quite an odd one I guess, and definitely not something that will be achieved in an instant – unlike most of these goals! However, I really want to make sure that I begin my 20s the way I mean to go on – by being completely true to who I am. I want to make sure that in everything I do, I always stick to my personal values and that I am true to myself in everything I say and do!

So there we have it! A list of 20 things I would like to accomplish before my 20th birthday. I haven’t decided yet how I’m going to do this, but I will definitely be keeping you updated with how I get on! I’m really looking forward to ticking things off the list. It doesn’t really matter to me how many I actually achieve, the most important thing is that I make the most of my last five months as a teenager and have loads of fun in the process!